The San Francisco Bay Delta Model

The San Francisco Bay Delta Model

The development of the Bay-Delta model was triggered by the CASCaDE II Project.

The Bay-Delta model applies the D-Flow FM software package to the Bay-Delta area. The model will be calibrated for water level and discharge throughout the Bay-Delta area, as well as for suspended sediment concentrations (SSC), salinity and water temperature. Coupling with DelWaq software allows for advanced modeling of water quality and ecological parameters such as phytoplankton, bivalves and fish habitats.

The Bay Delta model allows for assessing the impact of scenarios related to climate change (variations in sea level rise, wind, river flow, sediment yield), or structural developments (water conversion project, potential flooding of low lying areas).

Project team in IHE Delft


This website provides the result of the development of the Bay-Delta model. This is an ongoing task and results may be updated depending on the progress of the work. Model description and results are presented to inform interested parties and people on the model progress and achievements. Although all care is taken to ensure the integrity and quality of the material published on this website, no responsibility is assumed by IHE Delft nor the members of the project team for any damage to the property or persons as a result of operation or use of the information contained herein.